AMF 2012

Ok so, three four of you noticed my recent drop off the map - which I appreciate. It had to happen. I was invited to perform at the upcoming AMF - Messianic Music & Arts Festival, which was a tremendous honor, but one that required some massive, musical stuff take place here at the homestead. I'm still getting a few things together actually, so KOEOY will have to wait just a bit longer.

If you weren't planning to attend AMF, which is only a month away (in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina), you really should - it's going to be incredible. And if you are planning to attend, but haven't yet registered, you should do that too. Pre-sale tickets (at a discounted price) are available only until July 22nd.

Lahet Kherev (my experimental/ambient/dust-gaze? project) will be performing on Saturday, August 11th at 3pm on the main stage, and my brother-in-law's awesome project, Minikon, will be performing at the same time, and on the same stage, but the day before. There's about 50 bands performing, but as far as I know, we'll be the only musicians that will completely confuse the festival-goers. Should be fun. I'll have some copies of the new Lahet Kherev album, Eikev, with me (as well as another little surprise), and Minikon will have his albums and merchandise, too, as well as an AMF exclusive preview ep of his upcoming album ‘LoveWins’. I'd love to see a few of you guys among the many Messianic musicians and mountain majesties. Mmmountains. I may even return to Florida afterwards.