"The search for our beginning could lead to our end." or so goes the tagline for the new Ridley Scott film, Prometheus, opening tomorrow. What was originally billed as an ALIEN prequel, is now apparently a standalone work, and in prime position to do very well at the box office. Summer is upon us and school is out. Throngs of wide-eyed youth will soon flood the theaters to see Prometheus for themselves, and it seems to have every ingredient necessary to achieve summer blockbuster status. While it certainly looks thrilling and promises amazing effects, I don't believe Prometheus will attract hundreds of thousands of viewers simply because Ridley Scott directed it, nor because Damon Lindelof co-wrote it. I believe the Prometheus audience will flock to see this film because it taps into that submerged but stirring question in the collective mind of society today.

For centuries, people have pondered "Is there a G-d?", and they, in turn, were followed by multiple generations asking "Why am I here?". In more postmodern times, though, these types of questions have shifted to "Are we alone?" and "Are our governments lying to us?" And for good reason, too. Many inexplicable mysteries have unfolded during our time on the planet, and some of the most intriguing are the ancient ones on which this film will capitalize. With the meteoric rise of internet research and many other advances in information technology, we've been able to avail ourselves of all sorts of data concerning long-forgotten civilizations that we wouldn't have been able to view just a decade ago. There are entire worlds of information out there to discover. I believe there is even more deception, though. The question at the heart of Prometheus' allure, the current inquiry in the minds of many people young and old alike, as strange as it may sound, is "Did an advanced race of alien beings create us?" And if so, "Are they coming back?"

The concept of Exogenesis, or the origins of human life having evolved, or having been created elsewhere, is not a new one - nor is it uncommonly held. When evidence supporting the theory of evolution can't be found on earth, it must be in the stars, right? A related theory, Panspermia, the notion that life on earth may have been seeded from a distant, cosmic source, is also a favorite among an increasing number of contemporary scientists. Those wishing to kick the abiogenesis can down the road will seemingly accept any explanation, no matter how irrational, as long as it doesn't include a G-d of moral absolutes and judgment. For many astonishing examples of this, you'll want to watch the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The entire film is excellent, but very near its end you'll witness the truly insane lengths to which a celebrated thinker will go to denounce G-d in his attempt to explain the origins of life on earth. In this case, the intellectual being interviewed is none other than Richard Dawkins, accomplished author and proud Atheist. I can assure you, the many interviews with various "experts" are worth whatever you might pay to own Expelled - and you should. But if you'd prefer a free preview of Dawkins' greatness, you can watch those few ridiculously "scientific" minutes here. Intelligent design by aliens? Highly plausible and intellectual! Intelligent design by G-d? Unthinkable, primitive and idiotic!

The idea that our creator(s) could have been alien is well-trodden territory in various creative disciplines - and as we'll see, it goes all the way back to the very dawn of human civilization. In the coming months, I'll discuss some of the people that have explored these concepts, and we'll look at many of the otherworldly beliefs and understandings found in ancient cultures. I'll also offer a scriptural assessment of the alien phenomenon - including how it may even relate to future events. If you're wondering how on earth Tanakh could possibly intersect with space invaders, I hope you'll join me. There is so much to discuss.


  1. Looking forward to this! Just saw it this weekend and already have a friend asking these types of questions. Thx Luke!

  2. that goes for me too. :)

    1. Thanks, gents. I'm laying things out now. There's so much information to arrange. I want to be sure it makes sense to more than just me. Talk soon!