The Rosh Pina Project

I want to pass along an amazing online resource I'm very excited about. I've looked for something like this for years and it wasn't until, the always informative, Judah, of Kineti L'Tziyon, posted about it that I realized my search was over. The Rosh Pina Project, "an alternative look at Messianic Jews", describes itself as "an online meeting place for Messianic Jews and all those who believe that Messianic Jews deserve fair treatment in Israel and the Diaspora, and protection as a religious minority in Israel." As noble a mission statement as that is, RPP is so much more. Joseph and Gev will keep you up to date on all the issues that matter most. They feature thought-provoking articles (on everything from apologetics to current events), video interviews, book reviews, plenty of wit and very lively discussions - even the occasional KOEOY post may appear. But I want to reiterate - the discussions can, and often do, get very lively. Nearly everyone that visits RPP has their stuff together and a slightly different view on the topic being discussed, but that's what makes it so great. That, and the fact that it is frequented by many detractors of the Messianic Movement. Because of this, you will learn a lot very quickly and find yourself engaging in real life, high-stakes conversations with Haredim, Chabadniks and other like-minded folk. It's challenging, edifying and just a wealth of knowledge thanks to the many educated people that comprise the community. I've already found quite a few people that I thoroughly enjoy reading.

I think its importance to our community cannot be overstated, but I highly recommend you go see for yourself.

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. Thanks for the tip. Excellent site!

  2. Rosh Pina Project- Just seems like another couple of "christians" who want to be religious but able to do stuff on a sunday and drink wine. All they do is bitch about people. If they are so keen to get a fair deal for Messianic beleivers, why try to hide themselves behind Gravatars etc? why dont you both post your real ID's and be done with it? People might take you seriously then.

  3. Haha! Great comment, Anonymous. I'm not sure what on earth you're referencing, but it made me laugh - and for that, I thank you. You may be right, though. Joseph and Gev both party pretty hard on sundays - haha! Awesome. If they started RPP to hide from anyone, they're doing a pretty awful job of it, though.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. It's true though, Luke. christians pretending to be Jews!!! Dont you think we've enough problems to deal with without a couple of christians who were probably taunted at school for being G_D botherers and decided to be "jewish" cause it was less to be red faced about. Glad I entertained you though.......aim to please. Cheers.

  5. I know it man, it's rough. Try Jews who believe in the Jewish Messiah constantly being accused of being Christians. It's crazy - but, I hear you. And yeah, it sounds like you've "enough problems to deal with", but I have to ask, where is there a grade school where it's easier for a Christian to "pretend to be Jewish"? I haven't seen one of those yet. Great theory, though.

    And Anon, just to circle back to your original comment for a minute, and the reason I was so entertained - your issue with the Rosh Pina guys, if I understand it, is that you believe they hide behind online anonymity, right? But are you ready to post your "real ID and be done with it"? "People might take you seriously then", y'know?

  6. Luke, my name is Josh and I have nothing to hide but then again I haven't set up my own web site dedicated to ME,my friend and our writings. The RPP guys are obviously your friends and I understand your loyalty to them but I do need to point out that they use the site to have nasty little rants about things. I know for sure that they have ranted on about things in the past where they were completely out of order and lacking any credible evidence of the things they ranted about. Where is the love of your "Jewish Messiah" there? I can tell you this, I will bet my bottom Dollar that being a christian is more likely to get you taunted than any other religious persuasion thanks to all the evangelical christian crazy guys in our nation. I glad that you seem to agree that it's cool to be jewish. Have courage in your own heritage, be a christian and leave being jewish to us, it's simple. We probably need to leave it now, all the best, Good man.

  7. Hey Josh, It's no problem at all, brother. Do provide me references, if you want, to what it was they were discussing so I can look into it. They're my friends, yes, but I know them as I know you - through conversations online. I don't get bent out of shape over internet rants because, as you know, they're everywhere and easily started. None of us are perfect - and certainly none of us embody the love of Messiah perfectly, either. Not excusing ill behavior, just being honest.

    Anyway, I welcome you here. I like having diverse points of view. I didn't start this to end up with an echo chamber. Your views are just as valid as those of anyone else, and I appreciate you sharing them with me. Shalom to you, Josh.

  8. You're right, no body should take too much out of internet rants, they ARE everywhere. My problem with RPP is this' these guys are messianic jews who, I imagine, believe in the love the "jewish messiah" showed mankind, but do they practice it? They exhibit the very character that makes love, forgivness, sacrifice into a joke. They have a "jewish messiah", yeah? Do they believe that this messiah gave his life to pay for sins that they could not pay for?- I assume so. Do they believe he went to death for them because they were unable to be forgiven? - probably not. Do they think the cross was a waste of time, because when they screw up it's all for nothing and they are back on course to go to hell? probably not You see, as far as I know, christians (even the shiny new "jewish" ones) believe that yeshua came to pay the debt for their sin and no matter what, they find forgivness over and over cause they will screw up over and over. No matter what the sin, G-D loves them enough to forgive when they ask. Your guys dont forgive much and need to rant less about things. SHOW THE LOVE GUYS.....SHOW THE LOVE. I'll drop in now and again and we can keep in touch. Good to chat man.- Josh.

  9. Hey Josh,
    I asked for some specific examples of what actions on RPP offended you so much, but now that I've thought a bit more about it, I think this may be heading into sinful territory - certainly out of my realm, anyway.

    It sounds like you've got a pretty serious issue with the RPP guys, and if that's the case, it would be best for you to contact them, I think. Contrary to what you might think, they've actually made this very easy to do on the RPP site.

    I'm not sure why you chose my blog, rather than theirs to talk about it, but I'm glad you came by and I hope to talk to you again sometime. I really do.

    I just want to leave you with a thought; be sure not to project the behavior of those who claim to follow the Messiah onto the Messiah. That's what my post "Q&A" is about. That sort of thing has kept so many people away from the incredible blessing of knowing Him for so many centuries. People are not perfect - He is. And He's desperate to reveal Himself to you. Don't let the thoughtless actions of anyone on earth spoil that discovery for you, brother. It's not worth it.

    B'ahava ~ Luke